Joining 2 avi files of same movie as one?

Hi all,

i downloaded a movie(*.avi format) and my bad that it was not a single file but two. Now i need to burn this onto a dvd disc but i can’t just figure out how to join 'em files as one. Once this is done then i can convert into .vob and burn.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thankz :slight_smile:

Any decent video editor will do this. They are probably DIVX or some related MPEG-4. Ulead VideoStudio10+ has a fully functional free trial.

You can do this in VirtualDub. It is a free tool.

Here is a guide for using it to join avi’s:

Thanks !!! Both of the suggestions worked out for me…

{Note: You guys are the best. I know where to come when I can’t find it on google, cuz there u get loads of option but here u get wut u need. Thanks again.}

You Could just use ConvertxtoDVD or DVD Santa. More DVD santa cause it combines them together.