Joining 2 AC3 Xvid files together

Hi all!

I’m having some problems joining 2 xvid/divx files together. I’m using VDub Mod to join them and saving back off into an AVI container then using the Stream List in vdub, demuxing the AC3 file.

This is generally fine, albeit sometimes with a very minor hiccup at the join (which is the problem). When I go to play the AC3 file back in WinDVD it gets to the halfway mark and then freaks out and skips to the end of the file.

I find that if I run the AC3 file through Besweet using AC3machine I get an error similar to ‘Stream error : Sync found after 1787 bytes’ which then allows me to use the file in DVDLab for the final output.

What I’m wondering is, am I doing this correctly or am I doing something really dumb? Is Vdub Mod the best thing to use for this? I can’t see anything else I can use that does it well.

Thanks for any help.


Nope, your doing it correct. There appears to always be problem when joining AC3 DivX/Xvid files together. BeSweet fixes it fine. Just for interest, try the BeSpit/BeSliced for Fixing the AC3 sound, it substantially quicker than the others. You rin BeSliced and drop the AC3 into it, select Fix File and soon all is done. Simple and easy to use. Get them from doom9 download section.

The main problem I tend to have with Besweet is the ac3enc.dll that’s used makes the sound very quiet when converting ac3->ac3.

The only thing I seem to be able to do is manually enter the db I want to increase the volume by (usually 10-20) which is a bit hit or miss as if I make it slightly too loud you get the crackling distortion effect.

I’ll give BeSplit/BeSliced a shot and see if that helps.

I normally just convert everything to PAL you see and I wanted to try doing an NTSC convert to see how things went so I could use the original (volume correct) AC3 file without running it through Besweet and losing volume. But obviously if the file is broken then I couldn’t do this. I’ll try and fix it with the above.

Thanks for replying.

UPDATE: I couldn’t get Besplit to work for some reason. I dragged my file onto it and it just returned without error or file! Bizarre.

However, I used ac3fix on the ac3 file and it fixed it no probs. It now plays in WinDVD without a hitch so I’ll try muxing the files back together and see how I get on.

Many thanks!

You need both BeSplit & BeSpliced in the same folder, else it wont work.

Yes I have the same problem with BeSweet ac3 -> ac3 and so do many others. I now tend to use AC3Enc that cames with Scenarist or SoftEncode (same engine as ac3enc) for any ac3 conversion. Slow but works.