Joined files created 40GB file using mediajoin

I am not sure I am in the right place for this question. However here I go.
I joined 2 files,each approx 125 mb, using mediajoin. After joining, the file was placed on my hard drive. It showed the size of the joined file as being 42 gb. YES 42GB! When I loaded file in to convertxtodvd it showed as 493 mb. I converted the file fine and burned to a disc. Now the really weird part. When I deleted the file from my hard drive it should have freed up 42gb of space because it showed as 42gb used space after I had joind the file and prior to my deletion of the file. ( I checked properties before and after). After deletion of the file the 42gb of space was not freed up and still shows as used space. I have looked everywhere for the cause and to see if the file is somehow still on my hard drive somewhere. It could not be found. Does anyone have any suggestion how to find out what is causing my hard drive to still show the 42gb as used space? Is the joined file still on there somewhere. This is driving me nuts and I would appreciate any assistance at all.
Thanks a lot.

Do you have a Norton Protected Recycle bin?

I’ve used a free app called i.disk that lists the space used in all the folders, quite handy for finding where space has gone. Get it here :-

If these files are AVI then VirtualDub is a good free joiner , among other things. The key here is to use Direct Stream Copy when resaving the file. This avoids any recompressing etc & would give you a file size equal to the sum of the 2 individual files.

Thanks for the response.
Yes I do have a Norton protected recycle bin. It is empty at this time. It does have a bunch of protected files in there also. I am afraid to delete them because of not being sure what they are. I will try the other apps you mentioned and post my results here.
Should I delete all the protected files?

I’d say yes.

With the Norton protection any file deletions are all protected so , for example, any temp files deleted at the end of a process are still present awaiting the final deletion.

This might occasionally be a godsend but generally it’s a pain in the butt.

Thanks again for the feedback. Another quick question if I may. Does virtualdub join files in mpeg and wmv formats. Most of the files I need to join are in those formats.

No to both of those I’m afraid.

Mpeg can be joined by tmpgenc & videoRedo which both cost. I’m sure there are free ones out there. No idea about wmv though.

Have a look on and

Thanks a lot for your input. I will try the ideas. Sorry so late posting. Very busy nowadays.