Join vob files for dvd playback

i am new to the forum.

i had a avi file of 700mb which i converted to vob file so that i could play it on my dvd player (philips DVD625k).after conversion its size got increased to 2.44gb and new files are in three parts .i want to join them together and reduce its size.

i want to make a video dvd with about 3-5 files on single dvd but the files are in avi format

please suggest some freeware for the same


What conversion proggie did you use? It should have given you an option for a file size …If you mean by 3 parts after conversion as in, VOB’s only or,
VOB’s IFO’s BUP’s, in which case those are the files needed to have a compliant DVD structure in a VIDEO_TS folder…Burn the VIDEO_TS folder for DVD playback…
If you want to convert 3-5 avi’s to DVD I’d use FAVC,DVDFlick or ConverxtoDVD…But I would not fit more than 2hrs.of video on DVD-5 disc…But that’s just my preference ok!..
If you want to join 3 vob’s use VobMerge to create one VOB then import in FAVC …The latest version allows importing several vob’s and compile to create a DVD…