Join Two Nero Digital Files




I am trying to convert a dvd to “nero Digital” - many dvd’s are fine but I have had a problem with a few.

I have now done the following:

  1. Nero wouldn’t recode the original dvd - so I have merged the actual film VOB files together and created a VOB of approx 4gb

  2. This has now been recoded by “Nero Recode” and has left me with two “Nero Digital” files - it automatically recodes and then splits - I didn’t ask for tis to happen !!

  3. So I now have two nero digital files that make up the one movie …

My question is - is there any software that can now merge these two “nero Digital” files to make one “nero digital” film ?

Any help would be appreciated.


Try doing a simple join using DOS copy command, binary mode.

Syntax: copy /b file1 + file2 joined_file


When you fire up recode for nero digital formats, look over to the right side under “Fit to Target”. Make sure it is selected to whatever you want to burn or copy it to. Some of the selections are to split it across 2 devices.


I actually made sure that the “fit to” option wasn’t ticked at all. So by rights it should have just saved it as one file.

It does seem to be splitting it into around 700mb files though.


Could you maybe provide a screenshot of the compilation?
And which Recode version are you using?