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I’ve got a big question… :slight_smile:

I’m trying to make a DVD, and the situation is this:
I’ve got 2 DVDs, each one with some videos in it. Each of this videos has different languages, subtitles and so on.
I put them both on my hard disk and now that’s what I want to do:
I want to make a new DVD with a video from disc 1 and a video from disc 2 on it. I want to keep, for each video, some of the languages, subtitles, chapters division and so on (no need to recode audio/video). And, finally, I
want to create a very simple start menu where to select which video to play.

I thought it was a relatively simple task, but I can’t find a way to do it!
Is it possible to do it with DvdReMake pro? And how?
Thanks! :flower:


Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I don’t know about dvd remake, but you can do it with dvd shrink in reauthor mode. After you create the new dvd, you can add menus with DVD Styler, also freeware.


Grazie, geno (e visto che siamo tutti e 2 italiani, è inutile che continuiamo a parlarci in inglese, he he :bigsmile: )!

Al primo passaggio in effetti ci ero già arrivato anche con Nero Recode. Rimane il problema di creare il menu: purtroppo ho smanettato tutto il pomeriggio con DVDstyler, ma non ce l’ho fatta! Sembrerebbe perfetto, come programma, ma mi si blocca sempre con un errore durante la compilazione del DVD (quando non inchioda del tutto il PC…) :frowning:

Conosci qualche altro programma simile, in alternativa?


Ciao Zelig :slight_smile:

Fa piacere sapere di non essere soli nell’universo :bigsmile:

Anyway, being this the international section we must speak english :wink:

Another possibility to create menus is TMPGEnc DVD Author, but it is not free :frowning:

You can find it here. Try the trial version (that should work for a while) to see if in this way you can create menus.


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Scusa geno, non sapevo che l’inglese fosse obbligatorio :slight_smile:

Well I’ve tried TMPEGEnd DVD Author too, but I can’t find a way to keep multi-languages (when I import a title I have to choose one language only) and subtitles. :frowning: