Join the United Burners UD Team Now!



I just posted the article Join the United Burners UD Team Now !.

As many of you know we have joined United Devices, a distributed computing project that is trying to find the cure against Cancer. Many of you will know people who suffer or have died from this…

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I like this project a lot… it’s just a bad thing that it’s really Intel-minded…


well they are the sponsor :slight_smile:


I’m doing all right so far :wink: Come and try to beat me!!!


Well that sure is nice that somebody putting loads of money in cancer-research, but I hate to read that my system only gets 60 points because my 3Com 100mbit NIC (3C905C-TX) gets 8 points while an Intel 100mbit nic gets 100 points… guess somebody’s cheating here :slight_smile:


Dee-enn, it’s not about your network card… It’s the network bandwidth speed… It downloaded a program from server so it checks your speed and gives you a score.