Join the Starforce x64 Challenge HERE! Do you got what it takes to solve this?

Hello guys and gals… My name is Rodney Gray a.k.a }SkOrPn–’ and I wanted to say that I have been taking notice that there are many talented people here at cdfreaks who have solved many problems. I also noticed that you can now backup your Starforce game and play it on Windows XP (32-bit). Well, I would like to put these talented people to the test by challenging anyone and everyone to be the first person or persons to legitimately backup and play a Starforce protected game on none other than Windows XP x64. Our main goal is to develope a Guide that will let people play Starforce games (Example: Splinter Cell Chaos Theory retail DVD) on Windows XP x64 using only apps that work on Windows XP x64.

The challenge will consist of the user using a legitimate retail copy of the Starforce game that currently will not run on x64 i.e Chaos Theory. It will consist of using ONLY Windows XP x64. As most of you know there are not many emulation or image mounting apps out there currently. VirtualISO x64 is one of the only ones I know of now to mount and Blindwrite works great at burning also… So does Nero…

If you currently have Windows XP x64 or could install the trial on your AMD64 machine and would like to take this challenge please post your findings, research or completed guide here.

To download the trial of Windows XP x64 go here

If using only Windows XP x64 is not currently possible, we would be ok with making a backup of our retail DVD on XP32 but the final result MUST play on Windows XP x64 and it MUST show us how to use the original legally purchased retail DVD or CD. This guide will NOT be a guide on warez, downloading clones or cracking of any kind, but instead a guide on how to run your non-working legally obtained Starforce protected game on Windows XP x64.

I have the retail DVD of Chaos Theory to test the guide on. I also have A Plextor DVD Burner PX-708A (w/ latest fw), Lite-On 52-32-52 CD-RW (w/ latest fw) and a Lite-On 16x DVD Rom drive (w/ latest fw) all at my disposal. Latest version of Blindwrite as Alcohol 120% does NOT work on x64. Nero ofcourse runs great but no drive emulation. I also have VirtualISO x64 which mounts images just fine if needed. And possibly Deamon Tools v4 with 64-bit support may be released any day now to help out this task. Any other software including sfcure x64, or ANY thing that will help us complete our goal will be up to you to explain in our guide, what versions, and how to use them, and in what order.

Anyone here have any input what so ever please feel free to post. You never know what your suggestion could spark in anothers head, and if you dont have Windows XP x64 or a starforce protected game but feel you might have something to contribute please do. I have hundreds of people willing to test, help with suggestions and waiting for this guide over at PlanetAMD64.

One of The Goals to acomplish are:

  1. To be able to play Starforce protected games using original disks on x64.
  2. To be able to backup original Starforce protected games and also play using the backup on x64.

How one of these goals are acomplished doesnt matter so long the end result is playing your legally purchased game in Windows XP x64. Please Ask questions and go here to see my current Windows XP x64 Starforce thread

Thank you, and Good luck to all who work on this. Now may the challenge begin :iagree:

Wow, Im surprised. I expected people jumping all over this… Anyone the least bit curious to see if it can be done? Anyone at all?

umm winxp 64 suxors, nobody cares, but good luck with that! :wink:

Actually it is quite a bit faster for many tasks such as dvd encoding, trouble is more games devs are using starforce or completely locking out the ability to install them in x64. About 99.9% of games work fine under x64 the number of which can’t I could count on one hand.

Obviously nobody here is capable of creating a legal workaround. It’s a shame too, I heard this place was the best for information on creating working backups… judging by the one reply to the first post I guess I heard wrong :wink:

You two don’t seem to realize that your problem has nothing to do with
working backups. You are asking people to make Starforce games run on
a processor/OS combination that is not supported, which has to do with
system programming and not breaking copy protections. And I doubt
anybody here is interested to help SF to make their games x64 compatible.

Just a though :
The Bet on Soldier Demo is protected with Starforce 3.50 and comes with x64-compatible drivers.
You can try dowloading it, make the game install the 64-bit drivers, and then if you’re lucky all your starforce protected games should work…