Join the quest of the longest thread!



I just posted the article Join the quest of the longest thread !.

Many of our regular visitors already know that our forum (Club CD Freaks) is the place to be if you have questions about your CD-RW/DVD hardware and software, CD-RW/DVD media, or anything else…

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I saw in the dutch forum (woonkamer) that they have a much funnier post. Create a story with only 3 words.


Yeah thats right, it started 2 months later then the “quest for the longest thread” and in only 2 1/2/ weeks we cought up with them and maybe take the lead tomorrow!:4


Keep in mind the Dutch forum is not english, and many readers will not be able to read it. It’s kinda lame anyway :wink:


Only 65 posts to go!


If you like to talk about purple dildo’s…the dutch forum is for you. Otherwise come help us out at the longest thread…and dont worry if your post is nothing special, we accept quantity over quality. :4


talk about waste of diskspace :slight_smile:


I have a 3 word story. Died. The End.


It’s still going guys! Though I’d be suprised if somebody ever reads this reaction, it was posted bloody ages ago so… Hello from 2004… :slight_smile:


I read it Airhead while going through the Longest Thread from beginning to end. I found a link to the news post on page 50. It’s now up to page 400+ and 10,000+ posts. Come on people there is still much more to psot about.


Yayayayayay! Debro was here 2004, 2005 , 2006, and so and so forth :wink: