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Please join my team, i already have 4 members.
Join us on this URL:



The Only thing you have to do is to go to the url above and click on “Join this team”

:o Together we’ll be stronger en :o


why joining yours if there already a team of ours ?

no offense!


I just said if they wanted to, i can try to get some people in my team, can’t I.


yes, you can, but like i said, no offense!


What’s so special about your team?


or why don’t you join ours :wink:


Originally posted by treshr
[B]Please join my team, i already have 4 members.
Join us on this URL:

[URL= dontthinkso… [/B]

If you wanna advertise your team go somewhere else and do it!

Not here


If you’re so bothered with it, just leave.

Get off my back about it.


Okay, if you don’t understand that we don’t allow advertising of other teams on our site, when i’ve deleted nearly every of your post, you seem to really need an explanation although to me it seems very clear.

Of course we don’t allow others to advertise their team, how would you like it if we put up a big banner on your house of the opposite soccer team, or whatever competitor you have !

If you want your own team, our forum is not the place to advertise, first of all, we don’t want advertising, and second of all, this project has also a competitive part, and therefor we are not gonna help the competition.

I don’t even understand why I should explain this, every normal thinking human should understand this. So don’t advertise your team, orrrr get banned…


This something else and has nothing to with what i posted before but i’d like to say this to you.
When you guys hat your first forum that used the cgi scripts i was on the forum almost every day of the week and hat about 300 posts.
Then suddenly you create a new forum and i never got my posts back.
And don’t make a fly into an elephant with something so little, OK.

And another thing, the ud is not meant to be competitive. You’ve got a wrong idea about this service.


First of all, I’m sorry you lost your posts, but unfortunately you are not the only person. If you care a lot about your posts, I would reccomend you to react on postings and help people, this will get your posts back in no-time.

Second of all, as I said, the project has a competitive part, I didn’t say it is about a competition but it does have a little competition in it, why else would you be able to create teams.

If you have always been on our site, you probably liked it, so why don’t you join our team ? What’s wrong with it ?

If you want to advertise your team I suggest you go somewhere else. If you want to discuss your postings I suggest you open up another topic.


OK, I won’t do it anymore.

see u later


case closed!