Join mode: audio out of sync

Successfully joined LOTR: Two Towers extended version from its 2 DVD original. No Problems.

However, LOTR: Fellowship extended … audio out of sync!

The first part is fine, when the second part joins on (seamlessly) the sound is a good second ahead of the actors speaking them.

Any enlightenment on this?

Welcome to the forum!:slight_smile:

No, this is not typical behaviour. Would you try a couple of things for me?

  1. If you haven’t already done so, make a disc and see how it comes out on a stand alone player. (I’m assuming that for the moment you’re just testing the files in the computer).

  2. Try a different DVD and see what happens then.

Finally, while you can use the joining feature for the purpose you mention, it’s not advised. The two DVD9 discs you have used contain so much content that squeezing them onto one DVD5 would for most people result in unacceptable quality.
Joining is intended for such things as combining both sides of a ‘flipper’ seamlessly, or for adding a number of TV episodes to a DVD as separate titles.


Pete, thanks for replying.

I did burn it onto disc and it is out of sync on the disc on a standalone player, the disc when played on the computer and the original files on the PCs HD.

I reduced each disc (movie only) with D2O, saved each to a folder, both folders together = 4200MB.

I then joined the two.

Its interesting that LOTR: TTT worked ok using the same procedure.

I must say the quality of the picture is excellent: no pixelation.

I shall try again.

To be honest, both 2 disc sets I used were themselves copies of originals. So I think my next step is to try using original-original discs. Though all the original-copies played ok themselves.

I shall persevere, it’s just handy to have the extended version on one disc.

Many thanks, and this forum is brilliant!