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Hi all. First time poster but long time audiophile.

Was wondering if anyone could recommend a util that will allow me to JOIN .wav audio tracks seamlessly. I can use either a Win32 or Linux platform and would prefer to use a freeware program. I know that I could use Audacity to do it, but that would be quite time consuming!!!

Thing is, I recently bought a CD which has eight songs -BUT- each song is broken up into approx. twelve 20sec tracks. Would be nice to join them up. Is this a new antipiracy deal??? If so, that sucks because I just bought the CD brand new!!!

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From my understanding, VirtualDub is a video editing platform. Can it process .wav files only in batch mode as well???


Sorry. Did you read my signature? I joined two avi’s (music videos) and saved the audio only as a WAV file. It is possible to do want you want but it is waaaaaay more trouble than it is worth. I don’t have any other suggestions.


Your purchasing source sounds a bit suspect, IMO. Can you provide any details?


This is a brand new recording (2006) from ABACUS records. Although I did purchase it off Fleabay, I am quite sure that it is original. It is a commercial audio medium and has the record label, number and website inside the holographic portion just ouside the spindle on the bottom side. It is very well prinited and copyright protected. It came sealed. I would place a 100% authenticity on it.

Weird Huh!!!


That’s a very interesting copy protection. Just cut the songs up into really tiny tracks and make it a giant PITA to rip one song to WAV, MP3 or whatever. Oh well, there’ll be free software to fix that quickly in about 2 days.


i found wavepad… seems quite good


Does it play normally in a CD player?

If you’re allowed to make copies for your own use, then after you’ve ripped it Nero will burn multiple tracks with zero intertrack time.


Hi again,

The CD does play normally in a cd player with no inter-track gaps in the music. It is seamless. The problem is that when you want to change songs, you need to flick through 12-20 odd tracks to the next.

I have a digital music archive using Media Monkey Gold. The tracks are stored accordingly and it is a nice way to organise and listen to your music. Also, I am a fan of the shuffle button. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to shuffle between songs when they are broken up as such - Ie. you would only get 12 sec of a random song (or some part of it, possibly the middle/end/beginning).

I have never seen something like this??? This sure would be a deterrent to copying CD’s for the public at large!!! Any thoughts???

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you can try anydvd and clonecd and see if it works. you get a free 21 day trial.
i wonder if this is the copy protection that anydvd was updated for in version, 2006 04 12

  • New: Added support for MacroVision CDS-300 Audio CD protection
    to the option to "Remove CD Digital Audio Protection"
    Protected Audio CDs can be copied to your portable music player,
    played with normal CD Audio player software like Windows Media Player,
    converted to MP3, etc. with the option to “Remove CD Digital Audio
  • New: Enhanced removal of copy protection from Audio CDs
  • New: Added display of removed Audio CD protection to the
    information window
  • Change: Safe mode is no longer enabled by default after a fresh
    installation, because many users of 3rd party software complained.
  • Fix: AnyDVD could hang, if a CD-ROM is inserted with a corrupt
  • Updated languages


Never heard of that, but I would just try extracting with EAC or Feurio!


Hi all,

Thanks for the replies. For the record, this is an audio cd with no video, dvd capability etc… EAC would sound like a good choice, but there is no gap between each track. Like I said, seamless. I dont think Feurio is suitable either. I think audacity is possibly the only way to go, although at 100 20sec tracks, maybe this is something that I will let lie.

Is this a new way of preventing people copying music. Like I said, the CD is hot off the shelves (May 2006). It sounds like a great way to stop people from copying whole tracks and also to annoy people. Quite a deterrent. I’m not sure if it is a new protection method, but it really isn’t conducive to good audio extraction.




Not sure why you say you think Feurio would not work if you have not tried it. :confused:


@lhcpr: did you also try burning the ‘tracks’ in Nero? Set intertrack gap to zero where necessary within a song, and between individual songs, set to 2 sec or whatever.


use EAC to rip it as one WAV with a CUE file…then figure out at what time (XX:XX) each track begins and ends and edit your CUE file in Notepad accordingly. proceed to burn the WAV file with the new CUE file using your app of choice. this should work.


Wow, I’ve never tried that. EAC is a great ripper so I’ll have to give that a go.
I wouldn’t be able to deal with that as an off the shelf CD!!!
Hit the seek button 20x to get to the next track! :a Crap, that’s worse than a Sony rootkit!


here’s some more info on CUE file management with single and multiple WAV file sources:


Timing between tracks is 0 secs. I used FireBurner (linux) and Nero. There is no gap detected by either of the programs.

imkidd57: If using nero (for example: 3 tracks of 20sec with 0sec gap between tracks) where intertrack gap is 0, will it burn as a single track??? Have I interpreted this right???

Also, I have EAC and I do believe it’s possible to do what I am asking, albeit a little time consuming (thank you drpino). I do not have Fuerio, and after reading the documentation etc., it would appear (or not: pardon my ignorance) that the intertrak options are limited to introducing or removing gaps between tracks. This is why I was investigating other options.

I will try these options. I just wanted to narrow the methodology down so I didn’t waste my time!!!

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