I have a wierd problem, pretty sure it’s a hardware thing.

I have a plextor premium 167T which was working fine. Then I bought a Lite-On DVD-ROM drive, can’t remember what model. I think after I installed that it worked fine.

Anyway now neither drive is detected by windows. When both are connected, the bios doesn’t see them. If I connect only the premium, it is deteced by the bios but windows has a problem with the driver. “Windows cannot load the driver, corrupted or missing (code 39)”

I’m not sure what triggered the problem but now neither works. Its annoying.


Did you have any virtual drives installed at the time this happened?


Change the IDE cable if the BIOS has problem seeing the drive. Could be a bad controller on the motherboard. Move the drive to the other IDE channel. You could also get a PCI/IDE controller card if the onboard IDE is bad.


Does such a drive really exist?