John Rambo Forced Subtitles Problem



Problems encoding RAMBO to Xbox profile with forced subtitles :a. Some of the subtitles are not correctly rendered into the WMV file. For example, RAMBO comes off his river boat into snake pit house. The boss :bigsmile: asks “Where have you been?”. Most other translation subtitles have been correctly rendered into the WMV file. Checked appropriate forced subtitles within the VOB’s with DVDSubEdit and they are correctly set. The first English subtitle contains the forced subtitles for :bow: RAMBO. Why? :rolleyes:


[quote=DeclanF;2086610]…The first English subtitle contains the forced subtitles for :bow: RAMBO. Why? :rolleyes:[/quote]This is not uncommon. As I recall the DaVinci Code translations were done this way, i.e. no subpicture stream just for the translations. Not sure why they are not rendering correctly part of the time but OK others. I have not converted this title yet. The “Display only forced…” checkbox has worked perfectly every time I’ve used it.


This bothered me all day so I got out my original R1 of RAMBO and looked at it. There are NO forced subpics in this movie. The ones that look like the capture below are digitally printed into the image during the mastering process. There is nothing you can do to take them out or make some appear when there are not any. You do not need to include the English subpics when using DVD to Mobile, these will still appear.


RAMBO DVD is a R2 (UK) DVD. Checked again and Subtitles are forced. As mentioned subtitles do not appear :a. Managed to backup using alternative method ;). Used DVDFab to copy FullDisc to harddisc. Used SubRip to extract forced subtitles and finally used my copy of TMPGEnc Xpress 4.0 :clap: to encode. To check for forced subtitles used DVDSubEdit Have a look at correct sequence that should appear when playing RAMBO. Still do not understand why it is not rendering subtitles correctly?


Hi Declan
The subpics on the R1 disc are not forced (see attachment). Not sure why they would be done differently, but they sure seem to be. While working on Vantage Point yesterday, I found that DVDFab would not render any subpic that had been modified with DVDSubEdit. They display fine in all my players but will not render in DVD to Mobile, no matter what settings you use. I don’t know if this is what you are seeing or if it is limited to Vantage Point only. :confused:


I am seeing a similar issue with Apocalypto where subtitles are not being rendered with the mobile option regardless of what I select.


I have copied Rambo (2008) with DVD to Mobile using the Generic setting and Signal’s Archos format. Both play the forced subtitles OK.

I know this is of no help but it does elliminate the DVD to Mobile section.