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I am soo lucky I don’t have a useless cdrw drive right now, since my stupidity knows no bounds. Actually, it was an easy to make mistake.

Here goes: I was looking around to see if there was any recent f/w for my LG GCE-8240B, due to me not hooking it up for a while, and when doing so, realizing that it wouldn’t work with Easy CD Creator any longer. I later realized that this was due to the softwares incompatalilities with XP, and not the firmware, but I didn’t find this out until later.

Anyhow, I found a F/W update on driverguide that said it was for the LG GCE-8240B, so I flashed my drive. Over and over again. I just couldn’t get it to finish the flash, it would stop and say wrong drive. I found this odd, because it was the right drive, or so I thought.

Turns out that the driver in question(119 for anyone interested) was for the LG CRD-8240B. Now I had seen this driver around, but assumed that the CRD meant CDROM drive. Well yea, that’s what it meant alright. CDROM drive, as in not CDRW drive as I thought it meant. They have a drive similar to mine, except it is only a cd drive, and has a similar name. Turns out this guy posted the wrong name on the forum and I thought the other sites I saw using this driver for the crd-8240b were talking about the gce-8240b and just using crd at the beginning instead of writing cd rewritable drive out every time. I was wrong.

Luckily my drive is fine, and I posted where I got the F/W letting them know it wasn’t the right F/W, but others were not so lucky as me, and fried their drives as a result of not only this guys stupidity, but their own. I mean I probably would have downloaded this F/W elsewhere and thought it was the right one for my drive because of the similarities in names, considering I thought the crd at the beginning was just a short version of cd rewritable. Long story short, Do your homework before updating f/w.

Sorry for the longwinded post, and I am sure I will be properly berated for it by ignoramouses who come to a forum not wanting to read.


Hey, at least the file wasn’t a trojan… :wink: