John Mcafee is 'bonkers', says Belize prime minister



You think maybe he has a Worm or Trojan? :cool:


Fugitive John McAfee vows to stay on the run from Belize police…


I met John McAfee a couple times back around 1979-80ish and even then he didn’t strike me as “stable”.

As I said to someone else at the time, if I was carpooling and I found
out John was driving that is the day I’d say “go on without me I forgot
to feed my goldfish”. I’ve never seen anyone get MORE stable
(short of Rigor mortis) as they got older.


Did I read something that he’s now offering a reward to prove he’s not guilty of MURDER?!! Good grief… I thought I’d originally read that he was paranoid that he was a hit-target because a neighbor was killed. Is he now a suspect? Or is this “only in his own mind” kind of things?

[I]“Norman. I left your cheese sandwich on the table for you. -Mother Bates.”[/I]


Cyber security tycoon John McAfee told ABC News that evading Belizean police for the past days has been “extremely exhausting,” but he vowed to keep slipping through their fingers until his neighbor’s real killer is apprehended.

Moar? (the actual interview):
Makes you wonder if his AV is really safe…


John McAfee still on the run…


I guess so, he seems so paranoid that he probably thought about a lot of potential threats :wink:


Sounds like he was captured at a river crossing heading into Mexico. Shirl - er, surely he wouldn’t have used one of the two bridges-!

I guess he just chose the wrong week to… well… y’know…

I love Lloyd Bridges.


There was a report I read today that said that a picture of McAfee was taken in an interview yesterday or the day before. The guys who took the picture “mistakenly” left the geotagging markers on it, which if reports are correct, indicate that they were taken inside of Guatamala. It wouldn’t surprise me if that could be spoofed though.