Joey the intern demonstrates a thermite hard drive cleansing

I just posted the article Joey the intern demonstrates a thermite hard drive cleansing.

For those of you that are lucky enough to have cable and it carries Tech TV, you may want to tune in this weekend. It seems Joey has been doing a little research on how to…

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Unscrewed is great ::

:B This is a great idea, only instead of burning your HD, thermite charges should be set up around the perimeter of your house to drip molten iron on anyone who tries to enter your house. Could also work on home intruders! :wink:

:frowning: Damn CRS, I meant to say “… drip molten iron on anyone trying to bust you for too many MP3’s …”

Reminds me of Uplink :slight_smile:

Reminds me of the good old days… Nothing beats a thermite gernade when it comes to turning mass into molten! Should be easy enough to convert a smoke gernade into a Anti-RIAA hard drive conversion thermite kit.

Ever seen “Conspiracy Theory” ( with Mel Gibson? Higher gov authorities went to get into “Jerry Fletcher’s” apt when Julia Roberts was inside with him. He ignited something that burned the whole place without burning the building down. Kind of reminded of the situation. Destroyed all the evidence he had.
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Is not the whole thing that RIAA, MPAA has evidence of your files from a P2P scan or ISP evidence trail … NOT having files on your computer so they can personally inspect it and then you the accused worrying about destroying it? You’re already busted by then.
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