JLMS XJ-HD166S Paperweight?

I sent Digi an email but I thought I’d try here as well.

I have been ripping my entire CD collection to hard drive using my JLMS XJ-HD166S, installed OEM in an HP box. Firmware is the latest for the HP OEM DPS7. The whole setup is 12 months old.

I ripped about 120 or so CDs, using Windows Media Player V10 (embarrassed), each one taking about 2 minutes. In the course of about 4 or 5 CDs the rip process slowed to a crawl. I even got a couple of coasters doing on-the-fly copies using Alcohol 120%.

So, I started using my HP DVD Writer 400C (a Benq/Phillips OEM deal) to rip. Viola, I’m back to 2 minutes per disc.

I haven’t done anything lately, like flashing drives, changing ASPI layers or any other kind of experiment. I was just ripping along and poof, 166 drive turns to poop. And it remains so even after a power off reboot.

Any thoughts? Is this just a paperweight now? I will barely recognize a CD and play it at this point.

Thanks for an answer,
Icy Mountain

I’ve had some strange occurences with my 166s in the past, but not like yours. With mine, began to run across DVDs with ‘cyclical redundancy errors’ while ripping. I’d take out the DVD, pop it in my 832s writer & rip it to pieces.

You might want to try cleaning the laser if it’s outa warranty, also check and make sure the ide cable hasn’t worked loose. I had one just plain die after just over a year of fairly hard use. I think the spindle motor died as it started to cycle the tray slower and not open all the way. Finally it wouldn’t recognise any media so I just pulled it apart, laser was clean so I replaced it with another as they are so cheap who cares. Last one I bought online for $18 delivered.

Good suggestions, thank you. Of course it’s out of warranty. Exactly 20 days out. HP basically told me the same thing, “Buy another, they’re cheap.”

Just for the record: I pulled the power and IDE cables and reinstalled them. I cleaned the laser with a soft closed cell foam swab moistened with 100% Isopropyl Alcohol (never use rubbing alcohol that you get at the drugstore, it contains 30% stuff that leaves oily residue). They’re from ChemSwab, I use them to clean the laser vision system on my surface mount pick and placer at work.

The poor thing just continues to get worse. It now recognizes only about 1 disc in 10. Lite-On HD166S/167T $24.90 w/ free 2nd day shipping @ zipzoomfly.com

Well you certainly covered all the bases so I guess a new one is on order just like mine. I dont know if the 167 is as good as the 166 or not but if you want another true 166 some of the surplus type places may still have a few, call or e-mail to make sure what they actually ship as they’ll advertise one, run out, and just ship the next model up without telling you. I wanted a old 163 drive that the last place advertised but I got another 166, still a good drive for a smokin price but not what they said they were selling.
You might also want to check on the Aopen aap 1648, sposed to be faster http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=107490 a huge thread with everything you need to know so far, I might try one soon myself.