1st pov:

  1. Just like an unofficial version DS19 this version (DS31) make DVD-R Video discs plays choppy. DVD+R/W works well

  2. Slightly increased cpu usage while playing dvd video discs

Did you do any tests? And does someone know if they add support for more (audio/data)copy protections?

I downloaded the DS31 when it came out…haven’t applied it yet. I just went back tonight to download it for my other machine that has a 166S and the file link is totally different.

The original link was to the D166SDS31.zip that is dated 10/20.

The new link is to the D166SDS1A.zip that is dated 09/29.

These dates I refer to are the dates on the actual flash executable contained in the zip download. Im glad that I was actually paying attention to the details this time…:eek:

Can anyone verify this discrepancy? I am going to stick with the DS31 that I downloaded earlier…

…I thought that the description for the DS31 was match more media. Now I am wondering if I was seeing things. The DS1A is for “playability quality”. Maybe the switch was due to the issue that pimposh refered to…


same situation today happened, i jump to jmls page to upgrade my father’s xj-hd166s to ds31 but found 1A instead of 31 :))

i flash to newer version, but actually i haven’t got any dvd+r(w) or so discs to make any tests, it seems that 1A works well at least with CDR/W discs, no changes seen yet (up to ds14)

I still have the 31 if you need it…I havent installed any until I heard back from anyone to see if there was an error in the post or if indeed 1A was actually the new revision.

pimposh…did you install 31 on your drive? I am still with the DS0F on mine…it is definitely time to upgrade.

Let me know how things go…I dont have any DVD recordable media to test with either. Was the choppy playback resolved with the DS1A release?

Thanks for the reply…much appreciated!

There are very few differences between the DS1A and DS31 firmwares if you compare the files. I wouldn’t expect any major functionality differences at all. My guess is that they wanted to stick with the DS1* naming scheme, so they cancelled DS31. Who knows…


…thanks for the insight, I am just curious. I only compared the dates on the files and seen that the 1A was older by nearly a month. That is as far as I persued the matter…

Thanks for the response though, looks like 1A is getting flashed tonight…:bigsmile: