Jlms xj hd166s help

Keep getting this message ‘Please insert a disk into drive d:’

When I first installed this drive back in Feb, everything worked great. But, I haven’t used it all summer and now can’t get it to work. I have reintstalled XP once, but I can’t remember if I had used the drive since, so I’m not sure if the re-install screwed things up. I tried flashing the firmware to DS18, but that hasn’t helped.

It is the master device on the secondary IDE port.
Device manager says it’s location is 0 (0); this isn’t right, is it?
(The hard drive’s location is also 0 (0))
Region is set to 1 (US)

Anyone have any suggestions?

The device location info is okay. Location 0 is the master drive, 1 the slave.

Is the drive responding when you enter a disc? Try to find out, if the engine’s still spinning.

Have you changed the IDE cable?

Try to detach the wohl drive and reattach it. Maybe there is al loose cable/connection or whatever.

If you have a second and functioning cd drive, try to change places. Only change the drive to find out, whether it’s the drive, the cable, the ide system or whatever.

I agree with “TANKRED”, figure out the source of the problem first !:confused: :bigsmile:

i think it’s pretty obvious that the reason he made this post is because he’s trying to figure out the source of the problem.

besides what Tankred suggested, u can try uninstalling the drive in device manager, rebooting and letting windows reinstall it. u can also try installing the drive in another system to see if the problem persists.

Thank you for the responses.

I have tried uninstalling the drive from device manager (even while physically uninstalling the drive) and rebooting without re-installing and then rebooting with re-installing. That hasn’t worked.

I’ve tried uninstalling the device another time and replaced the cable…no luck.

I’ve even tried uninstalling PowerDVD software and reinstalling…nothing seems to help.

Another thing to add…when placing a dvd of cd in the drive the drive tries to read it for about 1 minute before it quiets downs

A friend suggested that the laser has died and that I should just replace it…

anyone else agree and are there any suggestions for a replacement? (I don’t want to get a dvd rw at this stage, no need at this time)