JLMS XJ-HD166 (no "S") Dell Firmware DD06 the same as 166S?



Hi everyone

I’m sorry if this has been asked before, but doing a search didn’t answer my question.

I have a JLMS XJ-HD166 (no “S”) that came with my Dell PC firmware version DD06.
It rips DL DVD’s at about 8x and I was hoping to speed it up a bit with some better firmware.

  1. Is this drive the same as the HD166S’s?
    –I coudn’t find confirmation so I took the chance anyways and flashed it with the Code Guys 166S.DS1E firmware. The result was a drive that ripped at 0.5-3x constantly speeding up and down, with estimated times over 1 hour.

  2. If it is the same hardware, then what could be the problem?
    –It was in Ultra DMA mode 2 at the time, with no device conflicts. PC spec’s below.

  3. If it is different hardware then I’ll just keep using the slow Dell firmware.

Thanks in advance for any help.


I have a Dell OEM XJ-HD166 version also. I used Flashfix to modify the latest Liteon 166S firmware flasher and then flashed it to the Liteon 166S firmware with success. I got this drive last summer in my new Dell Dimension XPS Gen 3 PC, so at that time, Dell was using an OEM version of the 166S. I do remember my drives firmware did have DD in the string, although I don’t remember if it was DD06. I had no problems with the drive after flashing to 166S firmware. If it wasn’t a 166S (or compatible) than it would be dead after flashing–it is odd that you are having problems. It simply isn’t possible for it to be anything else other than an OEM 166S with Dell firmware loaded.


@tlotz: Thanks for your reply. It gave me some confidence to do some more testing. So after many flashes and system resets here are some of my results.

1st transfer test: CodeGuys DS1E firmware DVD9@12x max…I’m not sure what happed here??? I couldn’t bear to let it finish–it hurt my ears too much.
2nd transfer test: Same Disc back to Dell DD06 firmware
3rd transfer test: Same Disc Official DS1E (via DS1C flashfix’ed followed by official DS1E)
4th transfer test: Same Disc CodeGuys DS1E firmware DVD9 @10x max

So I think it is safe to conclude that the JLMS XJ-HD166 (no “S”) with Dell firmware DD05 or DD06 is an OEM HD166S (not a big surprise I guess, given the name :wink: )
It seems that my problem with the first transfer test was possibly caused by not going to official DS1E before flashing with the CodeGuys Firmware? Either that or I had two bad flashes in a row before going to the official firmware.


Okay…I did some more testing and have decided that my 166 does not like the CodeGuys DVD9 12x firmware. It does not seem to be related to a bad flash or to what firmware I am flashing from.
Same disc as above.
#1 CodeGuys 14x8x12
#2 CodeGuys 16x8x12 (too inpatient to let it finish)
3# back to 16x8x10x (the dips on this one are from stuff running in the background)