JLMS XJ-HD165H, now what to do



Just brought this drive to home from my local PC-store. Nero’s infotool tells me there is CH11-firmware. Anything special I should do, like new firmware or regionfree firmware? I have never found any info about DVD-firmwares from LiteOn’s site. I tried that other site, that was listed in some posts, but the page seems to be down. I bought the drive basically to learn DVD-ripping and should use it mainly for that, so all that could help me on that task would be very much appreciated!


Your drive is flashed with the latest firmware available. You can remove the region protection if you want to.


Yeah, so do I need to use some regionfree program, or is there regionfree FW somewhere and if there is, where? I’m allready trying the first rip. Vidomi is exactly what I have been looking for…


www.digitri.tk has all you need