JLMS DVD-ROM XJ-HD166 Drive Turmoil - Help please


Newbie query please.

I have a Dell Dimension 4700 with both a JLMS DVD-ROM XJ-HD166 Drive and a Philips DVD+RW DVD8601.

Strangely the JLMS DVD-ROM Drive doesn’t read Verbatim +R DVDs or Taiyo Yuden -R DVDs, though it does happily accept Verbatim +RW and TDK +R Disks?

Similarly the Philips DVD+RW Drive also doesn’t read Yuden -R DVDs.

Any ideas folks?

Is there a link to a software upgrade that may do the trick?

I’m just mystified why it accepts one type of +R but not another and why one Verbatim disk is fine (+RW) whilst another (+R) is not :frowning:

I’ve invested in a clatter of blank disks which are now seemingly useless.


[I]Taps Microphone[/I] :confused:

Anyone please?

That’s a pretty old dvd reader now, I’ve used a few of them and they were fast and could do basic quality test if I remember right. There were quite a few Firmware updates for them I believe as well.
It’s possible that maybe the lens needs a good cleaning or maybe one part of the pickup has died. I think they use two optical lenses, one for cd and the other for dvd packed into one,but not positive about that.
Anyways I’d try cleaning it either by opening it and gently cleaning the pickup with alcohol and a soft non scratching cloth, or use one of the cleaning disks, if that doesn’t do it might be time for a new reader or burner:sad:
Also you might want to try the firmware updates as well if you’ve never done it to that drive.