Jlms 166s firmware reqd!

i have a jlms xj-hd166s drive which was manufactured in august of 2003 and it came with “ds19” ver. firmware.
i upgraded the firmware to the latest “ds1c” and now when playing dvd’s the drive spins really fast creating a lot
of noise. i guess my drive isn’t so “SMART” now. Unfortunately, i forgot to backup my original firmware ( the one which
came with the drive), and i also found that “ds19” ver is not an official firmware. however, i got “ds19” ver. from digi’s website but still
the drive spins up fast when i increase the play speed to 16x or 32x (is this normal? i don’t remember wat happened when i had the original firmware).
i even tried using the speed hacked firmware but no luck. Does anybody here have a jlms 166s drive with exact same date of manufacture and having the same “ds19” firmware.
If so, could u plz backup the firmware from ur drive and post it for download somewhere? i really need it. thank u.

any suggestion is appreciated…

I think that what ur experiencing is pretty normal - for high speed play back, it spins faster and makes more noise. If u play a dvd normally (like a dvd video), it should be silent. If silence is of the essence, contact the master (code64k) and maybe he can give u a custom slower firmware like he did for the 165.

A little of topic here…
Is there a firmware for the same drive for DL media ???
Nero Infotool reports that it cannot read such a disc.

Thanks in advance…

thanks for the reply. I think i had no problems with the original firmware, but i didn’t backup the firmware. It would be much better if got a firmware from an identical drive. then everything would be back to normal. anybody here with a drive having the same manufacuture date as mine?

Sorry… What I meant is … Does someone out there have a firmware for the specific drive that can read DL media ???

Sorry for the misunderstanding…


Your 166 will read DL as long as the DL booktype is DVD-ROM, as the new DL media burners by default set the booktype to DVD+R DL the 166 has no clue what to do with it. So for DL to work on 166 it must have booktype set to DVD-ROM.

This must be done on the discs, right ???
Not on the drive itself…

Sorry for the tooooo newbie answer…

Yes, booktyping a +R DL to -ROM is a feature of the DVD-burner and is something that is done to the disc (before it’s burned).

Thanks code65536.
And it is done with what utility ???

That depends on what your DL burner is.

It is a 832S.


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