How Do I Update The New Firmware Of My Already Updated Dvd Writer(812to 832, With Vso4 To Vso8?)


You can do it with official LiteOn FW (your drive now thinks it’s the 832) or if you want to apply different write strategies, you use omnipatcher (to 08FW which is in codeguys page, NOT to LiteOn’s FW as it is encrypted) as you propably did earlier…


thanks alot MSuomi, i will give it a try
thank you very much


I think you should propably apply the tested and verified DVD writing tweaks with Omnipatcher… If I remember correctly, they help with some media around… Correct me, if I’m wrong…


i did the the firmware update but my dvd writer just keeps flashing with an orange light
i rebooted and the light still kept on flashing, so i turned off my computer, waited hafl a minute and it still kept on flashing with an orange light. help
am i doing the firmware wrong?



A GREAT LOL!!! You cant load the official Liteon firmware directly to your drive without loading it before in omnipatcher. You should use the firmware stock that can be found on codeguys site. Load it in omnipatcher. Then check the “enable crossflashin” in omnipatcher. Voila you have a modded firmware for 812@832.



thank you very much guys


Part of the “credit” could have been given to me. I was sure you didn’t need to enable crossflashing, if you have already once burned other drives FW… My bad, sorry :confused:


Oh i appreciate your help very much Msuomi
i really do
thank you very much i got my firmware updated
thank you Msuomi


Does this mean that the 812s only has to be flashed with Omni Patcher modified 8322 firmware (with cross flashing selected as part of the modification) once?

Then, once your drive “thinks it’s a 832s” (as it does after that initial 832s firmware flashing mentioned above) you can from that point on use standard 832s firmware released directly from Lite On with no modifications necessary (no more Omni Patching required, although everyone here I’m sure will use it)?

I know this may be a lot of info for such a “simple” question and you have partially answered the question already in your quote above but I just wanted to be sure as I have cross flashed my new 812s to VS08 and it’s working great but I have a friend that wants to do the same & he’s not a “techie”, so I want to be sure that if I perform his 812s’ initial cross flashing to VS08, then from that point on he can simply apply firmware updates (auto Windows executable for “normal users”) so that he can still benefit from firmware upgrades now that his drive is a “832s” and he will be able to do so “easily” (for him)? This is important because I don’t want to leave him with a drive in which I will “have to” perform every firmware update for him due to the fact that it may need to be “patched” each time it is updated.




MSuomi corrected himself in the thread. No, you will always have to use a patched firmware. There is a way around it, but it involves a method of tweaking the drive that is not condoned by CD Freaks. Besides, if the firmware-patching option works just as well… :wink:


Got ya, thanks for clearing that up for me, I missed MSuomi’s “edit & correction” apparently.

I’ll stick to running Omni Patcher on any worthy upcoming 832s firmware in lie of “trashing my 812s” beyond repair (that’s about what I bet would happen from the “not condoned by CD Freaks tweaking” info in your post, he-he)!

Seriously, it’s no problem at all running the Omni Patcher & in fact I would use it every time I’m sure anyway (at least for the auto bit-setting) whenever I updated the firmware -even if I had a “real” 832s, I’d still end up running the Omni Patcher, so all I have to do now is check one “extra” box (the cross / blink…) which isn’t too difficult to do. :slight_smile:

Thanks again!


Does this also apply, if I have a real 832S? I mean, I flashed it with US04 and now I flashed it back to 832S’s VS08FW (ofcourse using Omnipatcher and autobitsetting). But does this mean that from now on I must always use Omnipatched FW’s? Not that it’s a problem, just curious :wink:


As i understood:

  • if you don’t mess with the eeprom of the drive, you can always use the official firmwares without patching
  • if you want to make 812@832, you need the omnipatcher
  • now even that your drive is detected as 832, you cannot use official 832 firmware, you need to use patched 832…
  • updating back to the 812 firmware, official may work (?? maybe ??)


You need to use the stock 812S firmware on our site to go back to 812S but after that you can use official firmware to update to later 812S firmware…


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As most things in life there are always risks but you have to take the risk in order to reap the benefits. Although the other method is not condoned by cdfreaks it does not mean that it does not work. I am not sure how much is aloud to be said on the matter but if you knew of both methods it would be up to you to make the decision. I am pretty sure if most people could perform the other method they probably would do so and also continue to use the ominipatcher for some tweaking of there choice.


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