i noticed that BENQ scans have jitter and Lite-ON scans dont…why is that and what does it mean? does that imply Lite-Ons are better drives? thanks in advance :slight_smile:

It imply only that liteon drives are not able to detect jitter in scans.

Just different hardwares

thanks for the reply :), but does jitter affect playability much if at all? thanks.

yes, jitter affect disc playability, but I don’t know how much.

Are you referring in general or specifically to audio discs?

in general…like movie and data…i dont use dvds for just audio :p. thanks again. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

I think jitter will not cause problems with data unless extremely high. Then the disc would not be readable at all in places. But it can cause problems with audio CDs if it is high enough. It all depends on the drive reading the disc. Jitter is normally nothing to worry about I think.

is there a guideline for what the jitter % should be? Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

If I don’t remember wrong it should never be up to 14%

ah…cool, thanks. :slight_smile:

And if memory serves, a good disc/good burn should be 8% or lower.

Based on Standard ECMA-337 3rd Edition, December 2005 (pdf file):

27.2.5 Jitter (page 71)

Jitter is the standard deviation σ of the time variations of the binary read signal. This binary read signal is created by a slicer, after feeding the HF signal from the HF read channel through an equalizer and LPF (see Annex E). The jitter of the leading and trailing edges is measured relative to the PLL clock and normalized by the Channel bit clock period.

The jitter shall be measured at the Reference velocity using the circuit specified in Annex E.

The jitter measurement shall be using the conditions specified in 26.4.

The measured jitter shall not exceed 9,0 %.

As you can see there are certain standard to measure Jitter so the 9.0% is just for reference. Based on my experience 12% jitter reported on BenQ drives is still good.

Thanks zevia :slight_smile:

And sorry for my faulty memory :sad: :sad: :sad:

wow…9%, i’ve seen quite a few scans w/ jitter @ around 12% but with low PIEs and PIFs…are PIFs more important than jitter? and thanks for the reply and link. :slight_smile: