Jitter Scans from 5 Drives

I’ve been wondering how jitter scan results vary among different scanning drives, so I decided to check it out. Probably this has already been done by several of you, but I wanted to check out the scanning drives that I currently have active, and thought I’d share the results. I burned three test discs (YUDEN000 T02, MCC 003, and MKM 001) on an Optiarc AD-7240S with CD-DVD Speed (Create Disc), and then scanned for jitter on five drives: a BenQ DW1620, and Lite-On models DH-20A3P, DH-20A4H, DH-20A4P, and iHAS422.

Here’s the scans of the YUDEN000 T02.

Here’s the scans of the Verbatim MCC 003.

And here’s the scans of the Verbatim MKM 001 (MIS). Since the 20A4 series has problems with jitter scanning on DL discs using CD-DVD Speed, I used ODC 1.43 to scan these.

All in all, the jitter results look reasonable on all drives. None of the results would flag the burns as bad, I believe. The DH-20A3P reported the lowest average jitter on all three discs, but probably not significantly. The iHAS422 had higher jitter at the layer break on the DL disc than the other drives, but the average was in the ballpark of the other drives. I don’t see any obvious flags that would indicate one or more drives produce jitter results significantly different from the others, but perhaps I’m missing something. Feedback welcome.


thanks for the comparison.

A short remineder. It’s reading jitter, not disc jitter. So it’s always a function of what’ son the disc and how the drive performs.

As such, two different drive models with different PUHs, algorithms and other parts are very unlikely to agree on jitter.

Even scanning with exact same models (two specimens) is bound to produce some variation. Even one drive and two scans will produce some (hopefully neglible) variation.

From these you can calculate the average and the standard error very easily.