Jitter scanning with iHAS220-06 what am I doing wrong?



I’m trying to use my new iHAS220-06 6 SATA burner to scan with and I can’t get it to read jitter. It’s my understanding that they do the jitter scan on a second pass right? But when mine is done with the first pass I get an error message that pops up. I have jitter scanning enabled in the “Advanced” tab on DiscSpeed. What else do I need to do? :bow:

Oh and I would have swore I saw something about setting jitter scanning at 4x via some utility but I can’t find that now. :sad:


You need either a 1) specially patched that allows the iHAx drives to allow jitter scan (search around, it’s somewhere), or 2) version 5.something (hasn’t been released yet, assumed with latest Nero packages).

The jitter setting tool only sets the speed, the capability is still embedded in CD-DVD Speed tool.


Oh. Thanks! I didn’t know I had to have a “special” version of DiskSpeed. That would explain that problem now wouldn’t it, LOL!!

I’ll have to see if I can dig that up along with the setting tool. I’m really interested in comparing the scans from this Lite-On with the ones from my BenQ 1620.


Here’s a link to the post with the special version of CD/DVD Speed for the iHAS drives to enable jitter scanning:


Thanks for making that!!! :bow: I found it the other day and it works great, along with all your other software/apps/firmware/etc/etc/etc!!

Thanks again for all the help! :bigsmile: