Jitter rate high

I bought two 1655’s from geeks. I updated F/W to BCIB and tested them both and they seem to burn better crossflashed to a 1650 BCIC. I noticed though compared to my original 1650(the one I already had), the jitter rate is more sporatic and keeps going way up till the end of the disc. I’m using the same media. The original 1650 stays more even throughout the whole disc and doesn’t go so high. Do you think there is a problem with the drive?

First two scans are my original 1650, the third scan is crossflashed 1655 to 1650. Fourth scan was 1655, before crossflash with same problem.

I’m goint to assume, since noone has responded that the jitter rate must be fine and I’m over anaylizing this. It just seems that my new drives fluctuate so much more, especially towards the end of the disc, when on my other drive it stayed almost the same thru out.

Your scans look great. I’m not sure what you want us to do for you? You need 100% burns every time? :bigsmile: Won’t happen. Your Jitter is fine so don’t worry till it hits over 12%.

The jitter is just fine on your scans… you are over analyzing this. Now if you were going over 12-13% there would be something wrong.

However, I own at least 10 BenQ drives and the jitter reading on scanning tends to be higher on a few of them. The same discs when scanned on other drives report lower jitter. My theory is the drives are just not all calibrated properly.

Are you saying 12% average or 12% max? I know the scan overall is great, was just curious about the jitter. If you guys say its ok, then I’m satisfied. Thanks.

If you’re saying it might not be calibrated properly, would that throw everything off? Thanks again for the reply’s.

12% max. Lower the better.

It doesn’t seem to throw everything off on my drives… they just read with higher jitter. They burn just fine. You might try scanning burns that you feel have higher jitter on another drive to see how it compares-


There could be 3 possible sources for the difference in Jitter reported by the 2 drives.

[li]The writer has an issue with recording
[/li][li]The writer has an issue with reading

To eliminate 1&2, try scanning known good discs (scanned as fine on 1650) with all your drives & compare Jitter reporting. Scan ‘problem’ discs written with 1655 on the 1650 to see if the sloped Jitter is reported by that drive. If this does not prove conclusive, try different media on the drives to remove that as possible cause.

OK, take a look at the second scan from the top in the first post. That was scanned on my original 1650. Now I rescanned the same disk on the 1655(below), crossflashed to 1650. The scans are practically identical, except the jitter rate goes higher as the disk goes on and is more sporatic. Since the scan is almost identical, except for jitter, what would you make of this?

It’s another great burn. I use certain drives for scanning as i know how the act. Pick the one you like to scan with and stick with it. After all it’s for your reference only. It means nothing to us. We can just read the scan.

I know the scan looks good, but like TLO said, it might be one of three problems. I just want to know if I should even worry about the high and sporatic jitter readings or just go by the rest of the scan. I could swap out the player and use my other BenQ’s, but then why would I ever want to use this one? Thanks for the replys guys, I just want the best quality I can get.

It’s hard to remember all of the members scanner quirks. That’s why i say pick one you like. It’s for your reference.

TLO will add to this i’m sure.

Not all units of the same model report jitter in the same way. There can be quite some variation. Scanning is not measuring.

You did the right thing by re-scanning your old burn on your new drive, so now you know that your new drive reports ~+1% jitter compared to your older drive, and that it’s not the burns themselves that have higher jitter, which is… cool :cool:

Thanks, you guys are a great help here. Hopefully I will be able to help alot of people as I learn all this.