Jitter levels on CD-R

Well first of all, a big thanks to Terminalvelocd for selling me his BenQ 1620 pro! :bow:

Now that I have a proper benQ based drive I can scan CD-Rs with far greater detail than ever before.

Basically, a long time ago I burnt @ 1x for my PS1 backups. For some reason the discs would always skip when playing cinematics. I was told to use 1x only by n00bs and I thought anything faster would = coaster lol. So I put up with the crappy skipping problems and played my backups.

Now I scanned one of these skipping discs and finally saw the reason it may have failed to play perfectly in the PS1. I used Pioneer 8x CD-Rs (dark blue discs, not as dark as Verbatim). Two burns I had of resident evil 2 worked brilliantly, not sure if I accidentally burnt @ 4x but here’s some results, and it kind of reflects the importance of jitter, even on CD-Rs.

First scan = an original game
Second disc & advanced scans = crappy 1x burn
Third disc & advanced scans = good working copy, possible 4x burn

Now you need a Plextor Premium (with PlexTools) to compliment your BenQ 1620 Pro

No lol. Too many drives and nowhere to put them all :stuck_out_tongue:

If I could, I would have all my current drives setup on one machine but I just don’t have the space. I need room for 7 somehow. I need two more external bays :stuck_out_tongue:

There definitely seems to be a very close correlation between jitter levels and playability on picky/standalone devices, and these scans almost prove it beyond any reasonable doubt.


NJ cd pirate. I always scan my Audio discs and burn everything at 16x.

With good media TY and Verbatim I usually don’t have to worry but my car player is pretty pick and if I get over 9 jitter with waves like you have in your second scan it will start skipping.

Thanks for the replies :slight_smile:

One thing I can’t figure out though is why this Verbatim works brilliantly in my PS2, yet my TY with such low jitter and low errors have problems beng recognised, much like my pythalocyanine CD-R do.

Only Verbatim CD-R Super Azo seem to work well in my very fussy PS2 and the jitter is not that great. Perhaps higher reflectivity?

The poor jitter result for the 1x burn is prolly caused by pit smearing.

I can concur with your findings about Verbatim Azo CD-R media. It definitely performed best on my PlayStation’s as well, and also seems to be trouble free in car CD players, unlike some pythalocyanine media.