Jitter in DiscSpeed

With jitter box checked under Advanced in Nero DiscSpeed I get an Error! SCSI status 4 Windows error code 121. Is it normal? This happens with B, C and D ihas drives. None of these drives support jitter?

My new iHAS124-04 D with firmware 8L08 does support jitter and never gave any error (but I use Ubuntu temporary, never tried with Windows).

I did try iHAS124-04 D (with latest firmware 8L0A) and it does give the above error. Maybe it’s a Windows issue?

Well I use the stock 8L08 firmware and you upgraded I think to a buggy firmware so just revert to the stock FW. Read this: http://club.myce.com/f44/liteon-ihas124-fix-if-you-upgraded-8l0a-330981/

The error message does not appear and jitter works fine if I connect the drives on a controller card instead of connecting them on the motherboard. Does anyone have a similar problem?

What’s the controller on the motherboard? And the controller on the add-in card?

The motherboard is using the Intel Z77 chipset (AHCI 1.0 SATA controller) and the add-in card the Sil3112.