Jitter 12.1% Question

Should I reburn a dvd solely cuz the Jitter had a max. spike of 12.1%? Otherwise, it was an ideal burn. Quality Score of 99. It’s the first time I went over 12% max. with TY 8X +r media.

Are you kiddin? :eek: :bigsmile:
Quality score of 99!

Jokes apart, you can perform a Read Transfer Rate test at full speed and check the smoothness of the curve. I’m sure that it will be perfect.
Or you can redo the scan and maybe this time you’ll get 12.0 or 11.9 max jitter. :wink:

Regards, :slight_smile:


I scanned it again and the spike wasn’t there this time. Max. Jitter was 8.9%. Wierd. Could it have been dust or something? I think I get wrapped up in these stats too much. QS of 99 and I’m thinking of reburning a dvd. I must be retarded. :doh:

No, no… it’s called “cdfreakness”… :bigsmile: Nothing to worry about. :slight_smile:

Regards the spike, since you didn’t post the first scan… What was the average jitter? Was jitter constantly about 8-9% with a sudden, narrow spike at 12,1%? If so, maybe it could have been an occasional problem… but maybe “scan experts” will be able to explain it better than me. :wink:


Bah I have seen jitter near 16% and never had issues with playback…imho it is a bit overratted as the cause of a bad disk thats why Eriks program doesnt really count it in the score. PIFs are a bit more important. :wink:

I write T02 using the T03 writing strategy and burn at 12x, that lowers the jitter by atleast 1% :slight_smile:

are you serious?!~? i don’t even reburn quality scores of 93+ unless they have red PIFs