Jim's trouble with SSTcorp DVD TS-L632D

My CD ROM/DVD won’t recognize any media. I see lots of complaints about the SSTcorpp DVD TS-L632D on my Dell. Any ideas how I can get Quicken to do a CD Rom backup?

Not sure if my CDs or DVDs (+ and - and RWs) are possibly corrupted, but I doubt ALL of them are. None work. I get several different problem messages, but the most is “E is not recognized” Some CD-Rs load up OK, but seem to be write protected all the time. I cannot delete anything from them to make room to try to load.

Forget my first “reply” below. Didn’t see that I could edit this after the fact:

Jim is replying (tried to cancel my reply) to my own thread here to expand the problem.

I meant to say that I cannot write or read several CD’s and DVDs that I have written to on different machines, but some DO work (commercial movies, etc. and some quicken backup information on different machines. My big problem is writing to a blank Quicken backup CD-R. I get: “Windows cannot read the CD. It may be corrupted…” or “Please insert a disk into drive E:” or “Unable to access the disk in drive E. Make sure the disk is not write protected…”

Where do I go to verify if it is “write protected?”

Thanks in advance for helping.


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at first, I would try if you can burn a CD using CD burning software (like Roxio, Nero, whatever is installed on your computer).

If this does work, then there is some issue with your software. Please note, using a CD-R like a big floppy disc is not reliable.

Additionally, you might try to carefully clean the lens of your drive.

And if your computer is still under warranty, contact Dell support for help.


@ JimGives,

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It appears that you are using some type of Packet Writing Software Program (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Packet_writing) similar to InCD, DLA, DirectCD, FileCD that is malfunctioning.

ALL Packet Writing Software Programs have a rich well-documented history of malfunctioning and causing various conflict error problems.

If you have ANY Packet Writing Software Programs strongly recommending completely and totally removing them from your computer.