Jim Carrey Fan Club

I’m sure everyone has seen a Jim Carrey Movie.

Here’s your chance to choose your favourite role, or take the piss out of him.

Where is eternal sunshine of a spotless mind?

EDIT: D’oh, nvm, you are listing the characters he played :o

In that case, Joel Barish!!

I think I confused everyone with too many options :stuck_out_tongue:
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Either that, or everyone thinks Jim Carrey should rot in h3ll for his over-hamming :stuck_out_tongue:

I missed this thread :o

I vote for Bruce Almighty

He is overrated in my opinion, but his role in eternal sunshine of a spotless mind was very good so here’s one more for Joel Barish.

Indeed… although I think that movie shows what he is capable of… I just wish he’d take hisself more serious every now and then. His role as Andy Kauffman was nice too.

There’s not one shred of evidence that supports the notion that life should be taken seriously :stuck_out_tongue:

Besides: Growing old is mandatory … Growing up is optional.
H3ll, Jim Carrey gets paid not to :wink:


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He did do some funny stuff but I did not like what he said about being the only one who can truly understand and appreciate Andy Kaufman.

Andy Kaufman was weird & had a weird sense of humour … Jim Carrey is weird & has a sense of humour …
JC is closer to understanding Andy Kaufman … than me, which just has a sense of humour, without the queer stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events

I have even seen him in the BET series “In Living Color”.

I have laughed while he was doing 3 roles, The Fire Marshal (In Living Color), the pet detective (Ace Ventura 1 & 2) and as Stanley Ipkiss (The Mask).

I deeply apologize if I have misspelled any words in this post.

Until Next Time.

jim carrey I have seen nearly all of his films… all of them are perfect… I hope he will continue… respect for jim carrey:bow::clap:

The first time I watched Liar, Liar I laughed so hard my stomach muscles hurt the next day. It is my favorite Jim Carrey movie. The “pen is blue”, courtroom, boardroom and bedroom scenes from that movie are hilarious.

I liked Man on the Moon, The Truman Show, Fun With Dick And Jane and Lemony Snicket’s series of unfortuante evens a lot.

He’s done a few movies I dislike quite a bit. He’s done a few roles that were ok, but not outstanding. In general, if I see that a movie has him in it, I am not likely to watch it.

All in all, “meh”.

There’s been more than a few movies where he had me laughing uncontrollably, and a couple that he just played incredible characters in like The Cable Guy and The Mask… but the one that impressed me most was one of his latest roles…in The Number 23 , whoa, didn’t think he had that in him…:wink:

[QUOTE=ra@scientist;1197982]He did do some funny stuff but I did not like what he said about being the only one who can truly understand and appreciate Andy Kaufman.[/QUOTE]

I like when celebrities say stupid stuff that they actually believe. It shows that their almost human.