JFK assasination window on eBay, loon bids 3 million


Who did it? That person should obviously spend their money on more important things, like giving them to me.

Dutch loon too apparently…

Wasn’t you, was it? LOL :bigsmile:

Goes without saying :stuck_out_tongue:

AHA!A dutch president assasin!He wants to buy a window so he can shoot the dutch president!

Aren’t many of the Dutch blonde?

Perhaps…but theyt also rank second or third in women having the biggest boobs :wink:

(Brittish came first)

Real or fake ones?

Hahahahaha :bigsmile:

Was that fake blondes :iagree: or boobs? :bigsmile:

and Danish came second. :wink:

Some trivia is just easier to remember. :stuck_out_tongue:

Why am I not surprised by that :wink:

LOL @ Dee :wink:

Ok, found the original ENglish article and I couldn’t bring myself to keep it from you…I am that kind of guy, I like to share:
Brit girls’ boobs are the biggest

I also understand that womens boobs & butt are the first things to start growing when they gain weight.
Does this suggest that English women are the chubbiest in Europe?

At any rate, anything larger than a B cup is wasted.
Theres only so much you can fit your hands around :stuck_out_tongue:

And I pity poor geno with all those A cuppers wandering around :stuck_out_tongue:
Like walking through a surf shop … flat broads, err, boards everywhere :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait, that’s only from triumph brand. What about women who wears wacoal, victoria secret etc etc, or unbranded? :stuck_out_tongue:

The article:

“BRITISH women have the biggest breasts in Europe, a survey revealed yesterday.”

I bet on Africa (or descendents from) for the worldwide stage.

If that is true then us fata$$ Americans are #1. :bigsmile:

I thought this was about a window? The person who bid 3 million and won it did not come up with the money so I would assume it will be back up for bid if you want it.