Jewel cases

where do you guys buy all your jewel cases!?!?

im in NZ and the cheapest i can find is 99c each (which is expensive considering my cd’s cost me 89c each!)

who makes them, where do you get them cheaply!?

I know Comp USA has 50pk of standard sized for $14.99 or a 100pk of thin cases for $17.99

Our CD Freaks Shop (ONLY for Dutch and Belgium visitors!!!) ships 50 pieces for EURO 12.50.

1 EURO = approx 1 DOLLAR$

Don’t know where to get them in NZ, sorry :wink:

Jewel cases are very cheap in India.

Ranges from Rs 2.50 - Rs. 5.00 per jewel cases

1 US$ = Rs. 50 (approx.)

Thats cheap isn’t it.

Jewel case? I am throwing them away :slight_smile: . I am using the cd jacket from MSDN CDs. They are easier to file rather than stacking the jewel cases.

I’ve got a huge pile of jewel cases lying around somewhere… I hate jewel cases! :slight_smile:

i lurrve jewel cases
dl covers… make covers… print covers…
oh its so brilliant +)

(im a bit artistically minded :P)

jewel cases takes up space.
for storage i won’t use them.

i’d prefer cd albums, or the cheapass cd sleeves and folder.
but for handing up projects, and stuff… i’ll use jewel cases.

Best for bulk storage if you aren’t moving them around much… spindles!

buy discs in them instead of jewel cases…they come in spindles of even 10(!) nowadays… and better than the book-type cases over a period of time(the book cases will cause scratches on your discs by repeatedly taking them out & putting them back in… if you’re CAREFUL with the spindle, you’ll very very rarely get a scratch.

I am from NZ also, just wondering where you buy your CDs?


i buy HP’s and Kodaks from

i also buy Verbatim DataLifePlus from Harvey Norman, and GlobalPC

lately, i’ve been using TDK Certified Plus 24x in 25pc spindles from K-Mart, and DORADO (Prodisc-made) 10pc spindles from Warehouse Stationary.

All these CD’s have been rather kind to me.

As have SKC Premiums - these seem to be quite high quality, and are fairly cheap!

I usually buy them at CompUSA. I get the thin ones since I have
a habit of breaking the thicker ones. In over a year I haven’t broken one thin one yet.

Do not recommend plastic sleeves or albums unless you have very high quality media i.e. Kodak or TY. Don’t know if residual
of sleeves gets on cd-r’s or cd-r’s interacts with sleeves or just plain old humidity, but a year from now don’t bet on using that cd-r. Just store them in a case or paper sleeve, out of the light.

Verbatim has packaged the 16x DataLife Plus media in jewel cases, bundled in 30-packs. In the US they sell for about $1 per disc/case. Maybe you can find them there?

Hey KyRoWire,

Dunno where u are in NZ, but I just saw some good deals on jewel cases at the ‘Price Busters $1, $2 & $3 Shop’, here in Wellington City - near the corner of Lambton Quay and Willis St. You prolly have a $2 shop in your neighborhood also, so it’s worth a look. They have 7packs of slim jewel cases for NZ$2.50. 5packs of double CD cases also for NZ$2.50 and 5packs of regular thickness jewel cases for $2.00.

Hope that helps!

why not just get the jewel boxed Mitsui GOLD for 1.09 per pc??

because its not available in nz.

shakes head
we don’t have that much in the way of high quality media…

i used to buy cd cases from Just $2 … 3packs for $2 of doubles - ill have a look in town at “The $2 Shop” for them ones your talking about (im in chch)
cheers :stuck_out_tongue:

and i don’t particularly like buying jewel case cd-rs… i can never buy lots because they don’t stock much at my local retailer :stuck_out_tongue:

Well yes, it’s still possible to have el cheapo cdrs. I found a spindle of 100cdrs (80min) of Taiyo Yuden ones at 29euro…

Good luck …

That’s the ATIP

This Disc is designed for CD-RW/COMBO Drive Only.
Disc Type, Material = CD-R, Cyanine
ATIP Lead-in = 97m 24s 01f
Norminal Capacity = 702.83MB (79m 59s 73f)
Disc Manufacturer maybe = Taiyoyuden,Tuned-X
SMART-BURN Speed Limit = 40X

I buyed 100st for €10 (jewel cases, normal) and 100st for €25 (80/700 MB CD-R’s)…

Very cheap, but you can’t get them in NZ I think…



Sorry to be a pain, but Jewel cases that is what DVD’s go into? They look like the ones in the video shops? You said you can get them for .99c - I have been on the trademe site and there is a guy who is selling them for 1.60 each (this is the best price I have seen) Your price is way better. Do you mind letting me know where you get them from?
Thanks Jay

Jewel cases are those that regular Albums come in. I get them for about 10p apiece.