Jewel cases in Canada

Didn’t see any subforums for storage of optical media, so I figured this would be the most appropriate forum.

Anybody have any experience buying large quantities of slim CD jewel cases in Canada? I’m looking for good place to buy a least 100, maybe a few hundred. Anybody know of any good places, either online or brick&mortar? Obviously there’s the issue of price, but I was wondering about shipping and/or customer service as well. There’s places like or that I found but I’m not familiar with them. I see has them as well and their prices are good but I’m just shopping around to be sure.


Here in the U.S., most of the best deals that I’ve seen for slim jewel cases has been at Staples, so I’d keep an eye on them. They had 100 packs for $12 or $13 in the past couple of weeks, and I think they have them for $15 this week. Of course this isn’t the free after rebate deals we used to see years ago, but $12-15 is about the best I see anymore. The only exception has been some sort of fluke where Staples sold 50 packs for around $2 and 100 packs for around $3 on their website for basically 1 day in the past couple of years, but I highly doubt we’ll ever see anything like that again and I don’t know that they were intentionally priced that low at that time either (free shipping means they lost money on those orders in shipping costs alone). It probably goes without saying that I bought more than a thousand of them at that price :p. Anyway, I’d check Staples weekly ads, here in the U.S. they have them on sale probably at least every other week.

Haven’t seen any deals like that in any of the Staples up here in Canada, but then again I haven’t really been looking. Right now, it’s $35 CAN for a 100-pack @ Staples, and I’m seeing that I can get 200 from for $45 CAN (shipping included). But I’ll keep looking =]

Walmart has 100pk for $18.00 every day.

Yeah but Walmart is evil! :stuck_out_tongue:

Avoid blankdvdmedia at all cost. You can buy from, but in my experience most of the cases sold online are flimsey and cheap, even the so-called PRO series are not quite up to par. The best sturdy cases I’ve seen are sold at Staples, but bloody more expensive too. So you get what you pay for.

Extremely informative. :clap:

I’ll stay away from blankdvdmedia. I’ll keep my eye out for sales at Staples. If not, I might crack and at least get em from just cuz I can save on shipping by buying them at the same time as my next shipment of media. I’m not too worried about them being that flimsy. If a few are damaged in shipping out of 200, I won’t be too worried about that. And also, I’m using them for archival of a bunch of music concerts, so they’ll never be moving any more than 5 to 10 feet! From my shelf to my CD player :slight_smile:

Anybody have any experience with the Dynex ones from Best Buy/Future Shop?

No ships quite well - you won’t receive them damaged from shipping, they are just flimsey, the plastic is thinner - In other words they are not the same quality as those commercial ones with audio Cds in them or rented DVDs. BUT - they are decent enough for personal use…

Someone pointed out, I haven’t heard of them but they seem to carry a bigger selection, so you might want to check them out too.