Jewel case or cd wallet?



I’m wondering do you guys use individual jewel cases or wallets to store your media? I’m currently using cd wallets and I’m VERY carefull with my media yet it seems like simply putting a cd in and taking it out is causing scratches. Do any of you avoid wallets completely or find some wallets are more disc friendly than others?


There are better wallets than others. If I remember well [B]chas0039 [/B]knows good wallets.

Personally, I use only DVD-style cases (the small ones: the ‘standard’ ones are too big to my taste). I like to have each of my discs alone in the dark. :bigsmile:


Standard DVD cases only (Amaray) - so I can read the Covers. Stored vertically in the dark, 40-50 RH, 65 -70 F and they last for ever


I’m very interested in this topic because I have a large collection of irreplaceable digital images and want to store them on optical media. Some of these Photoshop files are 100meg or larger. I’ve decided to make two copies each to DVD+R, using Taiyo Yuden discs. I have a Plextor PX-712SA burner (purchased January 2005).

I would like the most compact storage possible, so I have been using a wallet.

I understand that the discs should be kept away from light and excessive heat, humidity, etc.

I’m new here and not sure who chas0039 is. Has he posted something about this? Are there any articles that people could send me to?

Are Amaray DVD cases superior for this purpose?

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  • Michael Bate


You’d be better off with two discs of different batches, and preferably one plus and one dash, to be on the very safe side.
Wallets are evil and can scratch the discs. Use full-size, black jewel cases, or Amaray cases.
Which brand of wallets are you using? Case Logic?

Always check that your Taiyo Yuden discs are genuine, and update your firmware regularly when new ones are released.


Thanks for the reply.

I haven’t paid attention to what brand of wallet I’ve been buying. I don’t pull the CDs/DVDs in and out that much, so I didn’t think scratching would be such an issue.

You mentioned Case Logic. Are they any better than others?

Amaray apparently makes the cases used for retail DVD movies - not very space efficient!

Perhaps black jewel cases would be best.

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Michael Bate


Not necessarily, in my own experience. Different brands/manufacturers, as you’ve suggested, should be adequate.

My burners prefer + to - media, so I tend to stick with that for all my burning needs. Some burners prefer one format to the other :slight_smile:

Regarding the original post…I use a DJ-style aluminium case, which has wallets in it. Been using it for two years (maybe a little less), no problems so far. :slight_smile:



Not sure exactly what you mean by a “DJ-style aluminum case.” Where can I purchase such a thing. If it hhas wallets in it, wouldn’t disk scratching continue to be a problem?

Michael Bate


They are metal cases and the sleaves hang much like files in a filing cabinet. Therefore no stress is placed on the discs.

Arachne I am getting on this week to hold 300 and it only cost me £9.


Hi Michael - Jay got there before me, but his description is spot on :bigsmile:

And my oldest disc in such a case (in a wallet) is a two-year-old Taiyo Yuden -R…not a single problem with scratching :slight_smile:

Whoa, 300 discs, Jay…mine holds 200, and it’s not even half full :bigsmile:


Well for £9 I couldn’t argue with that for a bargain.


I’ll say. I think I paid about £15 for mine, but it was two years or so ago!


Thanks for the description, but who sells/makes DJ-style aluminum cases? I don’t see them in CompUSA or the sites that I have been looking at.

Thanks again,
Michael Bate


do you mean some thing like this
i have been thinking of getting one.


That’s the one.


I’m really slow today :doh:…yep, as Jay said, that’s the one!


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Now going back ontopic other wise I am going to be in real trouble. I have bought two of them. Wonder how long it will take to fill up 600 sleaves? Though the local pound shop is selling replacement sleaves so I bought some too just incase I damage them.


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If you’re anything like me, it’ll take you ages to fill them, LOL :wink: