Jewel case hub holder too tight - a bad choice?



I recently decided that I had enough of my wallets. Not that my dvds are not in a fine condition (never had any problem with that), but I felt like it was time to put my entire collection in jewel cases and print some nice covers for them as well.

Since room space is an issue, I initially thought I would go for double slim jewel cases. I purchused 10 of them. I also purchused one 10-way dvd jewel case.

That is the one :

I thought, since 100 * double slim cases are about 25e
while, buying 10 * 10-way dvd jewel cases is about 11e, I would go for the later.

But… and these are my two main concerns :

The 10-way ones feel too tight, and it is difficult to move the dvds in and out. I have to slightly warp the case to do so. Could that damage my dvds ?

Also, if I go the double slim case way, would warpage be a possible problem ? Or, since the dvds are centered on the hub holder of the case, a slight warp of the rest of the slim case won’t really affect them ?

Help please :frowning:


Is my question that stupid, or is it something else ? Come on people, one simple piece of info, preferably from people who have used similar jewel cases…

I mean, is that so hard to ask for ??? :frowning:


I don’t have experience with the specific case you’re asking about, but a too tight case hub can definitely destroy your media - I have cracked the center of a couple of DVDs in such a way myself, and I had to reburn the discs.