Jewel Case Cover programs

I’m in the initial stages of transferring some 3000 vinyl albums to CD. I Plan to use my digital camera to photograph the original album art, and want to transfer it to Jewel case covers in decent resolution. I have been using an old program from Global Star Software that is a good and simple program, but it won’t allow the input of much information… Does anyone have a lead on a good and simple program that will allow me (a simple sort of computer operator) to input photos in a detailed enough resolution to “read the fine print”? any leads appreciated.

You can create your own in virtually any publishing program, it just takes some time to set up the layout. Lot’s of people seem to like SureThing.

It would be cool if you used printable CDs and duplicated the LP label on the CDR. :smiley:

I do this with CD’s and DVD’s from my originals. Almost all my daughters cd’s i have done this to. I use Epson print and SureThing along with my scanner.
There’s some sites you can grab covers and cd/dvd labels from but i just use what i posted.