Jetway 865PEDAP Motherboard Drivers?


I need some help finding drivers for this motherbaord - Jetway 865PEDAP, I got it second hand and cant find Drivers available for download anywhere… even the Jetway site doesnt have drivers for this model. I mainly needed the audio and lan drivers. I really need your help here!!

Looks like they’re working on their support pages:

I found this link where you can get the latest BIOS for your board, but the Drivers and Manual links are all dead:

An alternate download link for the manual can be found here:

([I]Using Firefox to highlight the search terms in those links.[/I])

From the manual, it appears that you have a VIA LAN chip and a Realtek AC’97 sound chip onboard (verify the exact chip model on the mobo itself). Drivers for these can be found at and respectively. Chipset drivers from of course.

I had a repair for a jetway motherboard a while back it took ages to find and as cressida says youll be best off looking at via etc for drivers

Where abouts are these chips on the board that I need to get the numbers off of?
Could you suggest drivers I could try because I’m not really sure what I’m looking for :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, Im on the net now, and got the sound working, both just installed the first driver downloaded and worked… Typed in what you guys said. Thanks! :slight_smile:
I have a sata drive which it isnt picking up, so I guess I need a driver for that. Any ideas on what I need to download?
Thanks for all your help!!

SATA drives don’t need special drivers, they come with the OS. Check your SATA settings in the BIOS.

Intel mobo chipset drivers (including SATA) for your 865PE can be found here: