JetiANts - Anonymous Encrypted P2P File-Sharing?

JetiANts - Anonymous Encrypted P2P File-Sharing
is this a safe file sharing network to use or is it a bunch of bulls_it
i dont want to share i just want some files for myself

i don’t know about the network itself, but don’t be fooled by promises of anonymity. regardless of what any company promises you, you’re not anonymous on the internt.

Of course it is safe! The FBI does not even have the tecnology to trace down your home address and sue your ass.

You are completely free on the internet. So download your porn now! There is absolutely no one who can find out what you are doing. There are no direct links to your computer, your service provider, the other service provider and their computer. Heck… that would be communication!


ok smartass i was just asking :a :a :a

There is a lot of people and web sites are trying to cash in on [B] “so called Anonymous File-Sharing networks” [/B] IF you think carefully the name is [B] File-Sharing[/B] so it means every body on the net work shares there files and every body has to Share for it to work if nobody is sharing there is nothing to down load! I can’t see many people being stupid enough uploading files and taking the risk of being caught for nothing in return just out of the goodness of there heart! Would you Do it??? As soon as you start down loading no matter how you do it or how many Anonymous Networks or proxy servers you use they can follow the download trail back to your computer. With out even trying very hard! IF you want to use P2P for free stuff you have to take the risk just like every body else and if caught play the price or keep well away for it. :slight_smile:

JetiAnts seems like another app called ants p2p.

If you want ants (and this does appear to be a version of it, with a Jabber chat client), then go direct to

It’s more a case of uncertainty than anonymity, the idea that the source and destination should never be known to each other, as they could be 1 hop adjacent, or many hops away. Basic problem with meander forwarding though, it multiplies traffic by up to N times, where N is the largest possible number of hops.

Ants is pretty much guaranteed to be an order of magnitude slower than anything else, because of the wasted traffic.

use Peer Guardian, it’s not a guarantee at all but it does provide a list of lots of government, educational etc. IP ranges for which to block, u can choose which type to block, the list gets updated very regularly and it’s a good extra to have if your worried, lots of the compaines trying to track u down will probably be using a government ip adress or university one so it does help a little, but u can never be 100% secure