Jet Tec Vs HP Original

Has anyone used these Jet Tec ink carts and if so what are they like compared to the HP Original Carts ?? Ink Quality etc…

I dont normally go tight fisted on things but the black ink for my printer on svp is £18.49 and the Jet Tec version is £4.21, the colour cart is £20.42 and the Jet Tec verison is £8.45.

I don’t know about the HP compats, but I’ve used the Jet-Tec carts for Epson many times.

Pretty good for the money, the quality’s only slightly lesser than that of the originals, but I found they tended to dry up terribly quickly if you didn’t use the printer regularly, don’t know if the HP ones are the same.


I guessed that the quality of the ink wouldn’t be as good due to price but im not printing photos or any high quality graphics. Maybe i’ll give them a bash see how they go.

Have you noticed if the ink fades quickly at all ?

Oh the Jet-Tec (at least for Epson) is pretty good for photos, I tend to do a lot of that and had no complaints, although I’m using genuine Epson carts ATM.

Using Epson and Kodak photo papers (satin finish), I haven’t noticed any fading on the ones I printed. Yet. :wink:

Edit: “Normal” printing seems fine also, again no fading yet.

Often, compatible inks are actually superior to OEM in some respects, it depends on the ink and the paper. If it’s an HP cart with the head built in, then it’s likely a “recycled” cart, since HP is really the only maker of those items. Jet-Tec is a well-known company, so odds are they use quality inks. You may see a minor color shift, but it’ll be easy to re-adjust for it. Visit and see if they disclose the maker of their inks.

There’s a lot of arguing about compatible inks and carts being bad for a printer, most of which is baloney. But even if they are, you only need to buy 2 or 3 sets to save enough for a new printer, so who cares?