Jet li's fearless

anyone having probs w jet li’s fearless?

I backed up my disc fine, but it won’t play to the end. Tried it a second time, same thing. It doesn’t want to play the last three chapters…weird…

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Yep. And for point #1, try

same here it goes to 49% and stops

i downloaded 6098 beta and it still does the same

Get your key working yet?

Answer some questions please. Thank you

im using6098 any dvd , dvd shrink 3.2, nero6.6.1.4, region 1

yeah key is working fine now

What blank media are you using?

If no other movie is presenting issues for you, then I would do this, and see what James thinks:

How are you loading the movie into Shrink, btw?

Are you ripping to your hard drive first (drag and drop video_ts folder using windows explorer with Anydvd running in the background)?

Are you loading it directly into Shrink without ripping (with Anydvd running in the background)?

Are you using Anydvd ripper (right click fox, select “rip video dvd to hard disk”)? This method uses FixVTS. The other two methods I mentioned don’t.

Sorry guys/gals…I’m new to the forum, but not new to the software. I actually didn’t use AnyDVD this time…is this room really only for that specific software? My apologies if it is…

Yeah, pretty much. I’m wondering what software you did use though.

Ripit4me, latest edition, and FixVTS…

no other movies are messing up i’m using maxell 4.7 gig cd+r, im ripping the movie to harddisk and then loadingit to shrink

Well, two rippers messing up . . .

Sounds like a new protection. You might want to post on the ripit4me forums; they have an official forum; you might want someone there to take a look at the .ifo files.

Thanks, Webslinger…sorry if I stepped on any toes…gone…poof

Yeah, but how are you ripping it? Are you dragging and dropping the video_ts folder using Windows Explorer with anydvd running or are you using Anydvd ripper? These two methods do two different things.

Anyway, you aren’t encountering any errors while burning, so . . .
Please do this as it would likely help out other anydvd users including yourself:

Thanks in advance

i gave all the info to slysoft, waiting for a reply

using anydvd ripper