Jerry rigging dvd

Hi! I am about to buy an internal dvd. However, my computer needs a slimline one, so I’m going to buy a normal one and use an outside casing.

I can only afford the dvd this month (plus the dvds for Xmas :)), is it possible to jerry rig the dvd and leave it outside the computer till I have the funds to buy the casing and do it properly?


Absolutely. Just be careful to support it and not to stretch the cables too far… and then be mindful of the fact that dust has a new exciting way to get into your machine.

When you DO externalize it, I heartily recommend FireWire instead of USB. You’ll be glad you did.

Provided your computer doesn’t use some weird/proprietary connection (such as most notebooks do), you can just connect it and leave it outside the computer.

This may sound silly, but how do I get the cables through the casing? I don’t want to leave the top off, I have a cat who looooves what’s inside the computer …

And what about the “nappe” (I’ve forgotten what it’s called in English, the flat ribbon thingie that transmits data)? How can I get that through the casing?

This may sound silly, but how do I get the cables through the casing

How about the hole where the slim dvd player would normally go? Only temporarily of course :slight_smile:

gurm’s solution is best (firewire)

@ Happy_nerd

SlimLine DVD Burners are not that expensive. An example NewEgg has a SlimLine NEC ND-6650 for $69.99.

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