Jerky video while viewing through Liteon 5005x tuner

I just bought a LiteOn LVW-5005x from a few weeks back and have a question about jerky video. It’s kind of like a video card that can’t keep up with graphics. When I’m viewing tv or recording, I often get jerky video through the LiteOn’s tuner. When I go to play back the recorded dvd, the recording is fine and not jerky. Is this normal for LiteOn tuners? Could it be caused by having it directly hooked up to my Motorola 6412 DVR?

I have about a week left to exchange the unit and want to be sure before I’m stuck with it. I can live with it because it doesn’t affect the recording at all and all I would have to do is switch to the dvr’s tuner to view tv. I’d just rather not have to live with it unless I have to.

A few things come to my mind about this… all from my experience.

There’s been a fair bit of discussion about the jerky video syndrome. The few times it’s happened to me, I’d left the 5005 on for like 3 or 4 days first. It was always instantly resolved be cycling through the Sources (AV1,AV2,S Video, etc) back to the source I was using.

Additionally, there has also been a great deal of discussion about 5005 tuners. In any case, to get the best recording possible I use the S-video input directly from my DVR and by pass the tuner alltogether. Using the tuner degrades the picture slightly.

So, the upshot is, I use the 5005 when I’m recording or playing a DVD. At all other times I use my DVR tuner to watch TV and the DVR is connected directly to the s-input.

This works for me… your mileage may vary.

Thanks so much for the reply.

First off, I have had the LiteOn on since I bought it. The problem is that the Motorola 6412 dvr only has one set of audio outputs and they are currently hooked up to the LiteOn and not the DVR. So, unless I have the LiteOn on and watch tv through the tuner, I don’t get any sound. I’m guessing by leaving the unit on, I’m not helping the jerky video syndrome then, am I? Again, I don’t get jerky video when I’m playing back recorded dvd’s. I just get it watching through the LiteOn’s tuner.

What I need to do is either buy an A-B box or y splitters to split the audio, so I don’t need to watch tv through the LiteOn’s tuner. I’ll probably opt for high quality rca Y splitters because I think that would give me better quality than introducing a potentially noisy box. I need to do this because now I’m faced with either watching it through the tuner on the LiteOn or manually connecting and disconnecting the audio cables on the back of the DVR. Currently, I don’t have any audio going from the DVR to the tv. It’s hooked up directly to the LiteOn recorder.

I do have an S-Video cable hooked up directly from the DVR to the LiteOn recorder. That’s not a problem because the Motorola 6412 DVR has more than one video output (thankfully).

With my current set up, what would you do? Do you have any ideas on how to better hook up what I have? If I hook up the LiteOn to the tv, I bypass the dvr and I can’t see how I’d record anything off of the dvr that way. My main purpose of buying this LiteOn recorder was to permantly save the recorded shows that I record to my DVR. Before this, I just had to delete everything eventually to make room for new shows.

I would buy a better recorder like a Sony, but it’s 3x the price that I paid for this, plus the Liteon is more easily hackable, so I can eventually record things that the Sony probably would never let me record. Like I said, I’m happy with the recording quality. I just don’t like viewing tv or viewing things that I record through the LiteOn recorder.

Thanks again!

It sounds to me like putting splitters on your audio is the way to go. It’s simple and it’ll work.

My .02 US.

Thanks. I’ll do that. I found some decent quality Monster y splitters for about $30 for the pair. I don’t want to degrade the quality too much.

Question for you: You said “I use the S-video input directly from my DVR and by pass the tuner alltogether. Using the tuner degrades the picture slightly.”

Do you have more than one audio out on your dvr? If not, what are you doing differently than what I’m doing? I’m assuming that you switch back to another input when you’re not using the recorder, so you are not using the tuner on your recorder for watching tv programs.

Yes, my DirecTV TIVO has two tuners, two sets of RCA audio/video outputs, a pair of S-video outputs, along with an optical output and a curious pair of USB jacks. The DirecTIVO is hooked up to the 5005 through a set of RCA audio jacks and an S-video. So I am not using the 5005 tuner for anything.

In any case, except for the 5005 direct hook up with the TIVO, everything else goes to my A/V amp and then out to monitor, speakers, etc. So the amp is the heart of the whole system and the TV is just a monitor.

To watch regular ol’ TV, I use the DirecTIVO tuner and the amp is set to AV1, for my main DVD player the amp is set to DVD, etc.

Trak – Thanks for the clarification. You have yours hooked up the way that I’d like to only if the Motorola DVR had two sets of audio outs. Oh well… Time to get the rca y-splitters for the audio channels.

So, I shouldn’t worry about the jerky video then if it records all right? I’m assuming that any of the 5005x’s that I’d exchange this one for will have the same issue.