Jerky video using dvdlab

Hi Guys, new to all this this I hope someone can help?

I have a few tv episodes that i want to put on to DVD with menus etc…
Now what i have done so far is, original divx avi’s are run thru DivXtoDVD giving me some vob files which I then import into DVDlab, where I add my menus etc, that bit works fine but when I build and author the final dvd, it plays back all jerky (this is an ISO put onto hard drive b4 burning disc).
Probably something stupid I’m missing…Any ideas greatfully received. :smiley:

The dvdlab guides is the best point to start with!

Found the problem, its not DVDlab its DivXtoDVD giving me the jerky video, any ideas on other avi to dvd converters that would do a better job…I have tried CCE which works great except the files it outputs are huge and have no sound!!! I dont realy want to get into cutting and adding seperate audio tracks because of sync issues. Cheers guys.

If you want an alternative mpeg2 encoder, I suggest downloading the 14 day trial of TMPGenc Plus 2.5 found here.

The mpeg2 files [B]will[/B] be larger than your avi. Especially if you make them the commonly used 720 x 576 (PAL).

You could make them half the size (resolution) if you like, and still be making dvd compliant mpeg2 files that you could import into DVDLab. PAL settings would be 25fps, 352 x 576. You can also reduce bitrate to shrink the size of the resulting mpeg files, but this will also cut into the quality of your video.

Another solution would be to author the original divx files to dvd using TMPGenc Author 3. There is a free trial available for it as well. Your dvd player would have to be able to play divx files though. Many of the newer dvd players have this capability.

Forgot to add this. If you use TMPGenc Plus and output to separate audio and video streams for authoring, you can reduce the size of the audio quite a lot by encoding to ac3. If you have the TMPGenc AC3 encoder plug-in, you can do this within DVDLab Pro. If you don’t have it, you could use ffmeggui to convert the pcm audio to ac3.

ffmeggui is found here

Thanks alot Kerry, thats helped me out…Have gone back to CCE to encode but only on 1 pass CBR at 3000kbs then the result is not too bad, the audio I can get out of CCE I then run thru ffmeggui to get me a AC3 track, I am compiling now… so fingers crossed.