Jerky video playback

The title says it all. I d/l’ed a DVD, it came in in the form of 2 files AUDIO_TS (which is empty) and VIDEO_TS (containing 5 vobs, 2 bups and 2 ifos). Playback on my pc, for example with vlc, is fine but when I play the burned DVD the video is jerky (I’d say a blip every 2 seconds) although tha audio is still good. I remember the video being a little bit jerky in Nero before I burned the dvd and presumed that this was some sort of clipping for previewing purposes. I don’t want to waste another disc by making the same mistakes again. What could be wrong?

I’m using Nero and went in via “make your own DVD-video” so that I could create titles and chapters etc. could this be a factor?

I thought it might be an issue with Nero, but would this problem get a responce if I posted it somewhere more suitable in the forum?

A legal dvd download? :rolleyes:

Thanks for your input. Does this mean that I have P2P cooties and therefore the validity of my problem is diminished. I have not come here for a lesson in morality. I felt it important to mention that I didn’t personally rip the DVD myself - maybe I d/l’ed it from another external source. :rolleyes:

The problem remains, the vobs play smooth on my PC yet the burned version is jumpy.

Nobody is talkin about morality. It’s about the forum rules

Ok I can see what you’re getting at, but I haven’t broken any rules as yet. And I apologise I if assumptions can be drawn from what I’ve said Re. the source files. If I’m made to explain any further then I will default. I merely need help in solving a (possible) Nero problem.

It’s likely it’s a burn quality issue. Generally caused by poor quality media.

As you’ve got Liteon burners I suggest you do a Nero CD-DVD Speed disk quality scan , at 8x for the 16h5s. Save the image as a png file & post back the image here.

Here goes. (I hope) :slight_smile:

Absolutely nothing wrong with that at all. A very nice burn.

Well then it could be down to the transcoding/encoding within Nero. It might help if you used 100% quality ie no compression within Nero (if that’s possible) then compress to fit with DVD Shrink or CloneDVD2.

The fact that you’ve only got a DVD of 3.5GB , which I guess was down from one of 4.5GB , suggests that Nero has done some compression & possibly not done it too well.

Bear in mind that this is not my area of expertise - not sure what is - so I might be talking out of my a**e.

No my friend, you seem to be talking out of the right hole.
Well spotted btw, the source files are 4.31GB. So why is Nero chopping it down to 3.5GB? I’ve not knowingly asked it to. I can’t even find where the compression ratio settings are but I’m working on it. Thanks.