Jerky playback

my backed up DVDs play jerkily on my PC. Why is this? Also, when I backup a DVD I have to shrink it to 4000mb. Any bigger than this and it is jerky on my DVD player. How can I get round this?

I am using DVD decrypter, DVD shrink, an NEC 2.4X DVD+RW writer, Datasafe media discs and a toshiba DVD player.
My PC is a P4 3.06 Ghz
512 DDR RAM, etc etc so it is easily fadt enough to play DVDs. The reader is 4X i think


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Jerky playback on the PC may be related to not having DMA enabled for the DVD drive, as the processor has to control the disk I/O as well as render the movie.

I’ve only got a limited experience with Toshiba set top players, and those have never played +R[W] media very well if at all, could you try your disks in a friends player to check them out?