Jerky Playback?


First post, sorry if i’m not in the right place.

I have a Gigabyte Dual Format GO4040 burner and use
Verbatim DVD+R’s
Since I have a huge DVD collection and friends are always borrowing, I’d rather copy the most popular ones and lend those out instead.

Problem is using CloneDVD+AnyDVD the copies are perfect on my Telefunken DVD Player and on a friend’s new Pioneer DVD player but plays very jerky on at least four other home dvd players (all fairly new) , Maxdorf, Enzer, Samsung amongst others.

What is the problem ? My Telefunken plays anything but why does it play jerky everywhere else ?

If you go to and check the compatability lists the dvdplayers you mention pretty much suck at playing burned disks. The Verbatim disks in general are made by CMC, RICOH, MMC, RITEK, And even TY! All respectable manufacturers so I don’t believe its your media.